Cianjur Earthquake ER Operation

An earthquake measuring 5.6 magnitudes with a depth of 10 kilometers occurred in Cianjur Regency, West Java, on 21st November 2022, at 13:21 WIB. Until 1st January 2023, at least 455 aftershocks were recorded.

As of 27th November 2022, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) recorded 321 people who had died. Meanwhile, 73,874 people were displaced, including 33,713 men and 40,161 women, 92 people with disabilities, 1,207 pregnant women, and 4,240 elderly. Overall, residents took refuge in 325 evacuation points, managed by the local government or independently by each resident. According to the Cianjur Regency government, the Cianjur Earthquake affected 16 sub-districts out of 32 existing sub-districts. Some buildings were damaged, including 58,048 houses, 540 schools, 272 places of worship, and 18 health facilities.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia conducted a disaster emergency operation from 28th November 2022 to 14th February 2023. We provided logistical assistance, basic psychosocial services, and the construction of child-friendly spaces that function as emergency schools in Cugenang, Warung Kondang, Pacet, and Cianjur Districts.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia would like to thank the government, stakeholders in Cianjur Regency, and donors, Marubeni-Itochu Steel Indonesia, KOTRA Jakarta, Multi One Plus, Indoplay, Paol Production, Gramedia Botani Square, Inocycle, Hilon Indonesia, Plasticpay, Dr.Bebe, Pillow People, Hi-Home, and individual donors, who have supported the operation of the Cianjur earthquake emergency response.

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