Help Flores children's get clean water closer

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Lets help Indonesian children reach their dreams through better education with NCT Dream!

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Open A Window to The World, every child deserves the chance to the enjoyment of reading.

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Gugah Nurani Indonesia

Gugah Nurani Indonesia is a partner of Good Neighbors International, an international development NGO of South Korea founded in 1991, with General Consultative Status from the United Nations of Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC).

Gugah Nurani Indonesia implements projects that promote and protect child rights, strengthen partnerships, and advocate the rights of the most vulnerable in a respectful and effective way. We work through the active participation of the community and stakeholders in our working area.

Our Focus

Child Rights Protection

We plan and implement projects that respect the human rights of children based on our unchanging belief in human dignity, under the principle of faithfully fulfilling the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


We stimulate our projects and expand our network by mobilizing the human and material resources of communities in the field, encouraging them to actively engage in our projects as an organized group of volunteers, partners, and community committees.


We conduct advocacy projects, such as campaigns, government policies, and seminars to promote our projects and raise awareness of governments or the general public as part of citizenship education.


Sponsored Children


Project Areas




Years of Experience

Strategic Objectives

" Our neighbors, who are free from poverty, and whose rights are respected, live self-reliant in an inclusive community. "

Every child are protected

People enjoy the right to education

People exercise the right to health

People achieve economic empowerment through solidarity and cooperation

People are protected from disaster

Our Campaign

Gugah Nurani Indonesia believes that one of the best ways to transform communities is to empower people. We work with those who are socially and economically marginalized to support them to be better aware of their human rights and to become self-reliant. Whether large or small, all can play a vital part in supporting our work by making a donation. Lets share !

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