Clean Water for Compang Ndejing

Water is an essential element in everyday life. What if there is no water available at home? Or, what if the water we consume contains substances that are harmful to our health?

Located at East Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Compang Ndejing Village has a hilly nature and close to the sea. This region has longer dry than the rainy season throughout the year. For a long time, villagers in Compang Ndejing Village had no choice but to consume water from the river for their daily needs, such as cooking, drinking water, washing clothes, washing kitchen utensils, washing vehicles, including for livestock and agriculture. When the dry season progresses, villagers use rainwater for their needs. Bottled drinking water is sold in the market, but not all villagers have enough money to access it.

December 2020 became a historic moment for villagers where finally they can enjoy clean water for the first time, which is located not far from home. Gugah Nurani Indonesia, assisted by the village government and villagers, worked together to build this clean water facility by utilizing river water which is filtered by solar-powered pumps and pushed to residential areas with higher elevations. With this facility, villagers, especially children and women, as the main actors who take water from the river, no longer need to walk long hours to bring water to their homes.

Clean water has also flowed to the Puskesmas (health clinic) as the village's only health facility. This is done to improve the health quality of villagers who were previously affected by the consumption of unsanitary water. Based on data from provincial health reports, several diseases that often appear in villagers include intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, and various skin diseases. This condition is caused by the content of E-coli bacteria found in the water consumed by villagers. Therefore, with this clean water facility, the number of people suffering from illness due to E-coli infection is expected to decrease significantly.

Currently, 2,535 villagers from 565 families in Sok and Purang Mese sub-village have been able to enjoy clean water directly from the water facilities built by Gugah Nurani Indonesia. Henceforth, a water committee was formed to further manage and maintain clean water facilities. In January 2021, Gugah Nurani Indonesia, through the Borong Community Development Project (CDP) has handed over the management of clean water facilities to the village government which then will work together with the BUMDes (village social enterprise) of Compang Ndejing.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia would like to thank the donors who took part in realizing the first clean water distribution in Compang Ndejing Village.

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