It's your time to support education in Indonesia

Giving children a proper education can open up  the positive opportunities for their future.

This campaign is a part of our effort to provide children the tools they need to achieve their dreams

However, for children whose families are still struggling to make ends meet, the inability to afford the cost of school supplies sometimes denied them the motivation to thrive in school.

In order to ensure that these children are prepared to learn and grow in school, we equip them with good quality basic school supplies to welcome new academic year.

Getting necessary school supplies can make all the difference in the effort to reach their dreams. It boosts their confidence and motivation to go to school.

Now it's your chance to involve and give these children a chance to excel in education and realize their dreams.

Your donation will turn into :

School uniform



Let's work together to ensure these children
a higher chance to reach their full potential and dreams! 


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