Help the Children in Flores to get clean water
Children in Compang Village, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Flores still have difficulty get clean water near their homes.
The main water source is at Nggoang River which is 3.5 km, children have to walk every day to get water for a distance of 1.5 hours and climb a fairly steep hill.
For this reason, Isabella has to get up early every day to rush to the Nggoang River on foot to get water and at the same time take a shower or wash her face to go to school.
With a jerrycan of 5 liters, Isabela has to help fetch water for cooking, washing, and daily needs.
But if in an urgent situation Isabela can brings up to 5 jerrycan of water.
Which means 25 Liters one and usually she brings water 2 times a day.
So in one day she brought 10 kg jerrycan.
Residents in Compang Village also do not have a toilet. There are a number of wooden cubicles built by residents to be used as public toilets, but there are no toilets.

The goal of the Good Water Project is to provide access to clean water and public toilets.

Together, let's help provide access to clean water and public toilets for children and residents in Flores!

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