Emergency Relief

People Are Protected from Disasters

Disasters lead to human and economic losses and damage to infrastructure. Especially the effects of accelerating climate changes escalate the frequency and magnitude of disasters and widen, affecting areas we thought were once safe. Communities that do not have proper resources to prepare are the most vulnerable to disasters, and often the majority of victims are children, women, and the poor.

Disasters recovery is critical but often neglected. Emergency support can enable people to overcome immediate problems, but increased vulnerabilities such as damaged infrastructures, broken livelihoods, and collapsed safety nets bring about another disaster. In the end, the community cannot sustain itself and collapse.

We will support and protect those who suffer from disasters. In this effort, we will ensure that the necessary aid is available to the victim in the shortest amount of time in the event of a disaster. In addition, we will provide assistance to the people affected for their rapid recovery to daily life.

What we do :

  1. Health Services for Emergency Response
  2. Provision of Medical Aid
  3. Provision of T-Shelter (Tent) for Refugees
  4. Personal-Hygiene Kit distribution
  5. Provision of Clean Water and sanitation facilities
  6. Psychosocial Support Program
  7. Child Friendly Space (CFS)
  8. Shelter Program

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