Good Water Project

Help the children in Borong, Flores - NTT to get clean water

"The water from the Wae Laku river is actually not good to drink because it is dirty and tastes, but we have no other choice because it is the only nearest water source ..." 

The province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is one of the seven provinces in Indonesia that has suffered the most severe drought so that it is difficult for NTT residents to get clean water. This also happened in Compang Ndejing Village, Borong District and in Watu Mori Village, Rana Mese District, East Manggarai Regency.

The river became the only sorce of water. Same water used for drinking, bath, large, water, and wash. A total of 1,076 citizens contained from 529 men and 547 women became a target of receiving the direct benefits of this project. 2 school will get clean water access for the first time. Children of 118 family can take water closer.

Together with Gugah Nurani Indonesia, you can participate and help Borong children get clean water closer.


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