GNI Inaugurates the As Syifa ECE's New Building in East Cakung, East Jakarta.

The Hope School Project as the main goal is to open the hopes of children in marginalized environments and in Frontier, Remote, and Disadvantaged Areas to enjoy access to quality education. As one of the beneficiary of the Bina Keluarga Balita (BKB/Develop Toddler Family -eng) programs, As-Syifa is an Early Childhood Education school initiated by Gugah Nurani Indonesia in 2011 for children in densely populated areas in East Cakung, Jakarta at affordable costs.

Starting with this simple dream, in its fourth year of operation BKB program operation, As-Syifa ECE has benefited hundreds of children with access to a holistic education for child development. The need for safe and child-friendly school buildings has emerged, it is important to see that so far schools have been operating in Hamlet 07 hall which has not been ideal to accommodate educational needs and a child-friendly environment.

The construction of the building is fully supported by Gugah Nurani Indonesia whose process has begun in 2021. Today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the management has been inaugurated and handed over. The event was attended by representatives of the Cakung Timur Village, representatives of RW 07, and community leaders in the area. The handover of building management was carried out by the representative of Gugah Nurani Indonesia, Izaak Danang Aryo Toto as Manager of Batavia Community Development Project (CDP) to the Principal of BKB PAUD As-Syifa, Siti Mahmudah.

East Cakung is a densely populated urban area where there are still many poor families. BKB PAUD As-Syifa is unique because apart from providing early childhood education at the lowest cost, payments can also be made with waste trade. Plastic waste, cardboard, iron, and others can be substituted for payment where the amount is adjusted to the value of each waste on the market. This method is considered very lightening and attractive, especially for people with low incomes. In this way, Gugah Nurani Indonesia continues to advocate for the community about children's rights and the importance of early childhood education.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia will continue to provide capacity-building support for BKB PAUD As-Syifa teachers even though the management is now independent in accordance with the long-term goal of the Batavia Community Development Project (CDP), which focuses on increasing access to quality education.

~FD Team~

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