Collective Efforts for the Realization of ECE Tunas Harapan and ECE Ananda

The donation for ECE's development through the Hope School Project has been carried out by GNI year by year. With the help of many parties, both individuals and corporations, this time Gugah Nurani Indonesia/GNI has the opportunity to support the construction of school buildings for two ECEs in Pendoworejo Village, Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta Province, namely KB Tunas Harapan in Dusun Ngroto and KB Ananda Ceria in Dusun Balak. (Dusun means hamlet)

These two ECEs have not had their own buildings since their started operating in 2008. In 2021, thanks to initiatives from stakeholders and community representations in Dusun Ngroto, the residents worked together and raised funds to meet this demand. However, the earthquake that occurred in Yogya on April 10, 2021, damaged the half-built building. This incident again lessen the communities motivation.

Thanks to the donations collected during 2020-2021, Gugah Nurani Indonesia resumed the realization to build new ECE's schools. The community and various parties within the Kulonprogo Regency Education Office response was very good. This is shown through various contributions, including waqf land, additional funds, building materials, consumption during construction provided by residents, and mutual assistance from the local community.

The development process is carried out on community-based management, where the entire process from design  to inauguration is carried out in a participatory-collaborative manner. The community, which in this case was represented by the Heads of Dusun Ngroto and Dusun Balak, as well as ECE's teachers took part in exploring designs and making decisions with GNI.

The Parahyangan Catholic University Community Service team was involved in designing process, consisting of lecturers and students who contributed their thoughts, time, and energy to designing the ECE's building design to ensure that the building met the criteria for being child-friendly and operationally safe. The joint design discussion process with the community is carried out through an online meeting method once every two weeks. During the construction, the Head of the Kulon Progo Regency Education and Sports Office along with the Pendoworejo Village Government and ECE's Supervisor for Girimulyo subdistrict  carried out monitoring and discussions with the implementing team.

On March 25, 2022, Gugah Nurani Indonesia handed over the facilities of the ECE Tunas Harapan and ECE Ananda Ceria in the presence of the Head of the Education and Sports Office, Kulon Progo Regency, Head of Girimulyo Sub-district, Head of Pendoworejo Village, ECE's Supervisor for Girimulyo District, and the Parahyangan Catholic University Community Service Team. This success is a manifestation of the excellent cooperation between GNI and the community. We synergize in every real step to make the construction of these two school building facilities a success.

FD Team


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