Hello, E-Dream Project 2021-2024

Backed by the collaboration between Good Neighbors (GN), Community Chest of Korea, and Hyundai Engineering to enhance the quality of education in Balikpapan City, the Mayor of Balikpapan, Rahmad Mas’ud, and the Chairman of Gugah Nurani Indonesia, Setyo Warsono, signed a Memorandum of Understanding No.197/17/KB/IX/2021 - GNI/IDN-0120-08SP-3/09/2021/447 on September 1, 2021. This understanding concerns the E-Learning Support Project for Teachers, Students, Parents, and the Community in Balikpapan City. The collaboration aims to strengthen access to quality primary education through the establishment of an e-learning environment with the participation of the Balikpapan community. This collaboration is named the "Hello E-Dream Project" (HEDP).

HEDP is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by Hyundai Engineering that commenced in March 2021 and will conclude in March 2024. The program represents a collaboration with the aim of enhancing the quality of education, family life, and supporting sustainable development goals. Additionally, this initiative contributes to preparing Balikpapan City as a Smart City and a supporter of the National Capital.

The "Hello E-Dream Project" consists several activities, which include:

1. Teacher Capacity Enhancement
A total of 156 teachers from 15 Public Elementary Schools in North Balikpapan Sub-District, East Balikpapan, and Balikpapan City have participated in training sessions, conducted 4 times from August to November 2022, at the Grand Senyiur Hotel in Balikpapan. These workshops and group as well as individual mentoring sessions aimed to enhance their skills.

The 15 Public Elementary Schools recommended by the Elementary Education Division of the Department of Education and Culture are as follows:
  1. SDN 009 Balikpapan Utara
  2. SDN 011 Balikpapan Utara
  3. SDN 018 Balikpapan Utara
  4. SDN 025 Balikpapan Utara
  5. SDN 032 Balikpapan Utara
  6. SDN 001 Balikpapan Timur
  7. SDN 005 Balikpapan Timur
  8. SDN 006 Balikpapan Timur
  9. SDN 010 Balikpapan Timur
  10. SDN 012 Balikpapan Timur
  11. SDN 006 Balikpapan Kota
  12. SDN 007 Balikpapan Kota 
  13. SDN 011 Balikpapan Kota
  14. SDN 012 Balikpapan Kota
  15. SDN 015 Balikpapan Kota

This training aims to enhance the knowledge, attitude, and skills of teachers in applying information and communication technology relevant to the New Paradigm of Indonesian Education. The training is conducted through both offline and online methods, employing a process that involves best practice emulation guided by Teacher Facilitators.

a.  Offline
Workshop 1 (Paradigm and Teacher's Vision)
Workshop 2 (Student-Centered Teaching Practices)
Workshop 3 (Learning Leadership in School Development)
Workshop 4 (Workshop Space)

b.  Online
-    Group Assistance
Assistance is carried out using Zoom Meeting, Google Meet or other agreed applications.
-    Individual Assistance
Individual assistance is carried out by using the telephone network, WhatsApp or other applications that support communication in mentoring.

In a tangible collaboration, Gugah Nurani Indonesia and the Department of Education and Culture of Balikpapan City (Disdikbud), specifically the Teachers and Education Personnel Division, have agreed to accommodate the implementation of the dissemination program for 24 Teacher Facilitators, Level 2, at the Elementary School level. These educators are the output of the National Teacher Facilitator Program by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the form of teacher training.

This collaboration is driven by the acceleration of the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum in Balikpapan City through the emulation of best practices from Teacher Facilitators. Due to the limitations of government facilities and infrastructure in achieving the implementation goals, this collaboration has become necessary and urgent with the relevant parties.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia has coordinated with the Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Education and Teaching Quality Assurance Agency of East Kalimantan Province, and the Provincial Board for Education Quality Assurance of East Kalimantan, as well as various NGOs and educational observers. Following discussions with the Department of Education and Culture (Disdikbud) and Teacher Facilitators, this initiative is named the "Teacher Facilitator Program Together with Gugah Nurani Indonesia."

The guidelines for implementing the teacher capacity-building program are outlined in the Cooperation Agreement No. 420/8356/Disdikbud - GNI/IDN-0120-08SP-3/12/2021/639 dated December 30, 2021. This agreement was signed by Muhaimin, MT, as the Head of the Department of Education and Culture of Balikpapan City, and Meity Ria, the Project Manager of Gugah Nurani Indonesia Balikpapan.

2. Formation of Teacher Committee (Teacher Committee)
The Gugah Nurani Indonesia Facilitation Team, also known as the Teacher Committee, is a team comprising 1 Headmaster and 2 teachers from each partner school of Gugah Nurani Indonesia. They represent the schools in coordinating with the Gugah Nurani Indonesia team to implement the HEDP program in schools. Their responsibilities include teacher training, management of e-learning classrooms, and the utilization of the Bekawan.org learning platform.

Online coordination processes are carried out through Joint Meetings and visits by the Gugah Nurani Indonesia team to schools, while offline coordination takes place through Zoom meetings and WhatsApp groups.

3. Construction of 5 E-Learning Classrooms
An E-Learning classroom is a learning space that employs the e-learning method, wherein both teachers and students use electronic devices and digital media. The classroom and furniture are designed to be vibrant and modern, aiming to stimulate the learning spirit. The green coloring on the walls serves as a greenscreen, which is useful for teachers in creating teaching materials and for the entire school community to generate creative content.

The E-Learning classroom buildings are located in 5 locations, namely:
  1. SDN 009 Balikpapan Utara, 
  2. SDN 011 Balikpapan Utara, 
  3. SDN 012 Balikpapan Kota, 
  4. SDN 012 Balikpapan Timur dan 
  5. SDN 006 Balikpapan Timur

4. Provision of E-Learning Learning Media (35 Laptop Units and 135 Tablet Units)
Each e-learning classroom is equipped with 25 tablet units, 5 laptop units, 1 smart TV (including Sound System), 2 AC units, 1 Podcast Mic, and a set of furniture for each class.

5. Providing Learning Access through LMS Support E-Learning Method (Bekawan LMS)
Teachers and students engage in online learning through Bekawan.org, utilizing engaging features aligned with the curriculum and supporting the Pancasila Student Profile. As of now, nearly 4,500 accounts have been registered, enabling more interactive and enjoyable learning experiences.

6. Construction of 3 units of Community E-Learning Center (CLC) and Installation of a Solar Power Plant
As a manifestation of enhancing the quality of human resources and its environment with the concept of Smart People and Clean Environment, Gugah Nurani Indonesia, in collaboration with Hyundai Engineering, has constructed 3 Community E-Learning Centers (1 new building unit and 2 renovated Community Reading Park units). These centers are equipped with solar power generation installations as their source of electricity.

The three Community E-Learning Centers are equipped with 20 tablets, 1 laptop, 1 smart TV, 1 set of furniture according to the theme of each CLC (Culinary Center, Creative Center and Family Center).

The CLCs are located in three sub-districts: East Balikpapan Sub-District (East Balikpapan Learning Activities Studio), Balikpapan City Sub-District (South Balikpapan Learning Activities Studio), and North Balikpapan Sub-District (Central Balikpapan Learning Activities Studio). The establishment of these CLCs aims to enable the community to access knowledge more easily and quickly through digital technology.

7. Formation of the Parent-Student Committee (Parents Committee)
The Parents Committee of Gugah Nurani Indonesia has been established since 2022 and consists of 125 parent representatives from 15 Public Elementary Schools that are partnering with Gugah Nurani Indonesia.

The Parents Committee is expected to collaborate with Gugah Nurani Indonesia in discussing improvements in the teaching and learning process.

8. Training for Enhancing Parental Capacity in E-Learning
Not implemented yet.

9. Creation of Learning Materials for Families regarding Children's Rights
3 of the 5 short movies that were originally planned have been released. The themes of the five short films resulted from FGDs with the Education and Culture Office, the Women's Empowerment, Child Protection and Family Planning Office, the Health Office, BAPPEDALITBANG, and the Library and Archives Service, as well as 15 school principals and 3 SKB heads. The aim is to raise and find joint solutions to the main problems related to children's rights in the city of Balikpapan.

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