Youth Empowerment Service: Turns Hobby Into Entrepreneurship

A hobby is not only enjoyable to do, but it can be developed into a business opportunity. That's what Arya Nugraha (24) did when he decided to join an automotive training held by Pusat Pelatihan Kerja Daerah (PPDK) South Jakarta, a regional job training center owned by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta.

As a hotel school graduate, Arya worked in a hotel located in South Jakarta. Unfortunately, he was laid off when the hotel industry was among the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite his efforts to get a new job, opportunity was scarce due to the economic situation. One day while scrolling through Instagram, he came across a PPKD post on job training enrollment for youth. At first, he wanted to enroll in the barista section, but because the quota was finished, he registered for the automotive class. "By chance, my hobby is tinkering with motorcycles," he explained.

Along with 12 other trainees, he took part in a 30-day automotive training. During the training, we found out that some trainees joined solely because they wanted to master the skills to repair their damaged motorbikes, not relying on repair shops, which mostly operate as means of profit and sometimes harm customers. From several discussions with some trainees who share the same vision, Arya encouraged them to open a repair shop with him after completing the training. "We determine to have a trustworthy repair shop, no cheat on customers," he said.

Fortunately, Gugah Nurani Indonesia, in collaboration with PPKD, developed an entrepreneur program for youth named Youth Empowerment Service (YES). The program targets youth who are interested in starting entrepreneurship since some trainees are not interested in being an employee but an entrepreneur after the training. So, with two ex-trainees named Ilham and Ahmad, Arya immediately accessed the program to execute their plan. First, they attended a workshop to learn about entrepreneurship. Then by receiving capital assistance of 6 million, they started a motor repair shop named DAYLIGHT GARAGE in Depok by September 2022. They used the money to buy tools and rent a place. As the shop grows, they receive over 3 million to complete their devices.

According to Arya, their customers are mostly youth and students who come to modify their bikes. It encouraged Arya to take welding training to meet their need. "Modification needs a firmly welded frame. That’s what we assure them when they come," he said. The qualified modification then becomes one of the services their shop can give. No wonder many customers come to modify their motorbikes. "Our ability to meet customer’s needs at affordable prices is why they come," he continued.

Moreover, the shop guarantees its quality of service. For customers who returned, because their bikes were uncomfortable after being repaired, Arya and his team would examine more to fix the problem for free. “We will not let them be disappointed and turned away because feeling cheated,” he explained, citing their determination not to cheat customers. Arya also applies his principle of not quickly replacing damaged spare parts, should it only needs cleaning and repair. It helps reduce repair costs that make customers happy and satisfied. 

As a new shop, DAYLIGHT GARAGE needs much promotion. Among promotion ideas taken by Arya and his team are optimizing social media by routinely posting service and reparation conducted at the shop and offering affordable packages of service, getting word-of-mouth referrals from customers, and approaching youth and students at their hangouts to promote the shop. They also establish a partnership with an oil dealer for a lower price to support the affordable service package. Now they are proposing a partnership with Anteraja delivery service to repair and service its motorbike fleet.

It takes much time and effort to grow as entrepreneurs. But they are walking on the right way to reach what they dream of running a trustworthy and customer-oriented shop people are looking for. Gugah Nurani Indonesia is proud to be part of its supporters.

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