Support Improving the Quality of Education, PT. Komipo Energy Indonesia Distributes CSR Funds for School Infrastructure Improvements and Teacher and Student Training in Bogor Regency

PT. Komipo Energy Indonesia is committed to supporting the development of education in the company's working area through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program "KOMIPO School."

KOMIPO School is an effort to support and achieve the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially point 4, which is quality education, while considering the principles of Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG).

"KOMIPO sees that education is the foundation for the development of human resources in the future, which is why KOMIPO chose the development of elementary schools as a CSR program. The hope is to contribute to the surrounding community and also to the children as the future generation," said Wahyu Tri Winarko, Deputy Director of KOMIPO, during a direct visit to the school (12/14/23).

A donation of 25,000 US dollars was handed over to SDN Cileuksa 05, Cijairin Village, Cileuksa District, Sukajaya Sub-district, Bogor Regency in mid-November 2023. In its implementation, KOMIPO collaborated with Gugah Nurani Indonesia to provide supervision in the school renovation project and also as a partner in the provision of training and student development.

The improvement of infrastructure is crucial considering the conditions of the leaky roof, cracked floors and walls, as well as numerous damaged doors and some missing facilities. This school is the only school building for children in several upper villages. In addition to being a remote school that is affiliated with SDN Cileuksa 05, located in the lower village, this school building is also used for Early Childhood Education (PAUD), remote junior high school, and senior high school.

"In addition to infrastructure improvements, this CSR program with KOMIPO is also designed holistically, covering the development of soft skills through training for teachers, child development, and parenting training for parents. Creative teaching, disaster mitigation through permaculture, are some of the training themes that will be provided to teachers, students, and parents after assessing the potential and risks of the school and its surrounding environment prone to landslides," said Asfiyani, a partnership staff at Gugah Nurani Indonesia on the same occasion.

The CSR program KOMIPO School at SD Cileuksa 05 will commence in January 2024, involving stakeholders and the local community, and is expected to be completed by July 2024. The involvement of stakeholders and the local community is crucial for the sustainability of the school after the CSR program is completed.

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