Good Neighbors International and KB Kookmin Bank Collaborate to Support Literacy and Cultural Integration

The multicultural library is a space of knowledge that embraces cultural and linguistic diversity. Within its walls, there is a collection of books, magazines, and literature from various countries, providing a window into the richness of the world. This library encourages intercultural dialogue, facilitates understanding of differences, and weaves threads of unity amid diversity. By opening doors to diverse literacy, the multicultural library becomes a bridge of knowledge connecting communities with the global intellectual heritage, making a significant contribution to enriching minds and shaping inclusive thinking.
Designed and managed to encompass and promote various cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, the library aims to provide access to different types of literature and resources that represent the diversity of society.

Good Neighbors International, an international humanitarian organization, has partnered with KB Kookmin Bank in a collaborative initiative aimed at promoting literacy and strengthening cultural integration. This joint project focuses on establishing a multicultural library in Muktiwari Village, Cibitung District, located in Bekasi Regency, West Java. On December 7, 2023, KB Kookmin Bank, together with Gugah Nurani Indonesia, officially inaugurated this multicultural library. The inauguration began with a regional dance performance by children and continued with speeches from Gugah Nurani Indonesia and KB Kookmin Bank.

     Greetings by Setyo Warsono                                                        Greetings by Robby Mondong
      Executive Director Gugah Nurani Indonesia                              Vice President Director PT. Bank Bukopin Tbk

The collaboration between Good Neighbors International and KB Kookmin Bank reflects a shared commitment to enhance literacy and provide essential educational resources for disadvantaged communities. Through contributions from KB Kookmin Bank, facilitated by Gugah Nurani Indonesia, the official partner of Good Neighbors International in Indonesia, a multicultural library has been successfully established in the village of Muktiwari.
The building, covering an area of up to 1200 square meters, is a beautiful modern design that combines elements of Korean and Indonesian culture. It stands as evidence of the harmonious blend of diverse cultural elements, creating a unique space that celebrates cross-cultural exchange.

The library is equipped with various facilities specifically designed to support and encourage literacy initiatives in Bekasi Regency. These facilities include reading areas, collaborative workspaces, meeting rooms, ICT facilities, an auditorium for various educational activities, a children's play area, and even a dedicated sports zone.

In 2024, Good Neighbors International and KB Kookmin Bank, through Gugah Nurani Indonesia, will not only provide physical facilities but also activate the library through community empowerment activities. These activities include library management training, librarian forums, literacy and creative learning activities, parent forums, book discussions, as well as cultural classes and family economic empowerment. Through this exceptional collaboration, Good Neighbors International and KB Kookmin Bank reaffirm their dedication to empowering communities through education, promoting cultural diversity, and enriching lives through access to knowledge.


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