Semi-Annual Meeting of Sinar Nurani Mabar Cooperative Members

In June 2023, the Semi-Annual Meeting was held for Sinar Nurani Mabar Cooperative members. The activity took place at the home of the group's management and coincided with the installment schedule for cooperative members conducted within their respective groups. The event involved the manager and staff of the cooperative, the Community Development Facilitator (CDF), group leaders, and group members. In addition to receiving loan installments from cooperative members, the meeting also included loan evaluations, overdue payment assessments, socialization of several decisions made during The Annual Member Meeting (RAT), and gathering input from members on improving the cooperative's management quality. This activity aims to bring the cooperative's services closer to the members and reduce the burden of visiting the Sinar Nurani Mabar Cooperative office in Compang Village to make loan repayments.

The interesting about this activity is that the cooperative's management also promotes coffee and sugar products called "Kopi Dite" and "Gula Dite," which are produced by the cooperative and sold for the consumption needs of its members. The management of this coffee is one of the cooperative's business units in the retail sector. The developed scheme involves purchasing coffee beans and raw sugar from cooperative members at a fair price, processing them into quality coffee powder suitable for drinking, and selling them to the general public. Cooperative members who sell coffee beans and raw sugar and subsequently purchase the coffee powder will receive an additional value Operating Profit Surplus (Surplus Hasil Usaha - SHU) at the end of the year. This is interesting because, besides the SHU calculation from the Savings and Loan business unit, there is also a SHU Calculation and Business Unit in the Retail Sector.

For information, this cooperative was established in March 2020 with an initial membership of 30 people and a seed capital of Rp. 200.000.000 from Gugah Nurani Indonesia. By May 2023, the number of members has reached 1.035, with a total member savings of Rp. 478.542.000, which consists of primary savings, mandatory savings, and voluntary savings. Of the 1.035 members, 208 are parents of Gugah Nurani Indonesia’s sponsored children.

Hopefully, with the significant growth in membership and positive increase in self-capital, this cooperative can become a pillar for improving the rural economy and empowering underprivileged communities who struggle to access capital for business development.

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