Second Annual Member Meeting of "Legejur Lingko Mandiri" Service Cooperative

One of the community's difficulties in rural areas is the lack of access to banking or finance. Constraints occur when people need funds influenced by location factors far from banks or other financial institutions and low public awareness of good residence documents. One way to accelerate the economic cycle in society is through a financial services approach.

To answer the needs of family finances and business capital, since 2019, Gugah Nurani Indonesia in Borong, East Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara Province, has encouraged village communities to initiate the formation of cooperatives as pillars of the people's economy. Families and ‘gotong royong’ (working together) are the cornerstones of a successful cooperative.

The Legejur Lingko Mandiri Cooperative (LEGELIMAN) was formed and managed by the community to independently manage cooperatives in the future to support the improvement of the welfare of their families and communities. Institutionally, cooperatives are a form of sustainable effort.

In 2020, the Lingko Mandiri Legejur Services Cooperative received legality from the government. Until now, the Lingko Mandiri Legejur Services Cooperative has operated two business units: a savings and loan business and an agricultural shop business. The community has well managed this cooperative since November 2021 until now and has held an Annual Member Meeting (RAT) in the 2021 and 2022 financial years. The 2nd Year Member Meeting was held on 29 April 2023 in Compang Ndejin Village, Borong, East Manggarai.

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