Plumpang Fire Emergency Response

The fire occurred in Rawa Badak Selatan, Koja District, North Jakarta, on 3rd March 2023. A total of 33 people died, and an estimated 1,085 people were displaced to several shelters. This incident was caused by an explosion at the Plumpang oil depot, close to the settlement of Rawa Badak Selatan residents.

This area is part of the Gugah Nurani Indonesia community in Batavia CDP. Not long after the incident, our field team and volunteers saw first-hand the impact experienced by residents as well as prepared emergency response interventions. The Regional Disaster Management Agency and the Social Service of Jakarta managed the emergency response, from logistics basic psychosocial support and settlement.

After coordinating with the local government and related agencies, Gugah Nurani Indonesia focused on our response to RW 01 and RW 09, where there were 150 families consisting of 518 people. Among them, there were 216 children. We distributed logistics such as hygiene kits for 150 families and medicines for health facilities. In addition, for affected children, we distributed 191 school kit packages consisting of bags and stationery, 150 bottles of supplements, and 1000 packs of Vitamin C for children donated by Green Nature Farm.

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