Capable Woman, Empowered Woman!

This woman is a housewife who comes from an underprivileged family. She lives in a coastal area where the majority of the population works as fishermen. She is not only a housewife but also a seaweed farmer. In the eyes of society, she is a tough woman. Mrs. Normi (51 years) is her name. She lives in Mallasoro Village, Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi Province.

Mrs. Normi is one of the members of the Jeneponto Gugah Mandiri Cooperative (GMJ) and has been a member since January 2022. She dreams of becoming a prosperous family and sending her children to the highest education possible. 

Mrs. Normi runs a daily needs business, a shop that is the only one in her neighborhood. She was observant to see this business opportunity. Beforehand, people had to walk far to access their daily needs. Feeling that it was not enough to develop a business with a small capital and the stalls were getting busier, Mrs. Normi applied for a loan from the GMJ Cooperative. After the assessment was carried out, Mrs. Normi was able to access seven million rupiahs through the GMJ Cooperative. She used this money to expand his business. Her variety of products sold is increasingly diverse and growing.

Mrs. Normi feels truly lucky and relieved to be a cooperative member. Capital difficulties can be overcome with access to capital in the GMJ Cooperative. It would be different if he didn't get access to capital in this cooperative.

She feels relieved because she gets several benefits and impacts from this finance access. From this business, she could regularly repay loans. Not only that, the results of this business can meet the family's daily needs and pay for school and treatment for his grandson, who is registered as a sponsored child of GNI and is currently in the third grade of elementary school.

Furthermore, Mrs. Normi could also buy a used motorbike for five million from the income of her business. Usually, he always takes a motorcycle taxi to the market when shopping for his business needs. The business income also enabled her to repair roof tiles damaged by the tornado that occurred some time ago.

The GMJ cooperative has facilitated women in building their household economy. Capable Woman, Empowered Woman!

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