Flood & Landslide Emergency Relief in Bogor

High-intensity rainfall and overflowing rivers have caused landslides and floods in the Bogor area, West Java. The National Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPPD) reported that floods and landslides occurred in several Bogor Regency regions from 22 June to 15 July 2022. There were 14 villages affected. A number of residents' houses were damaged, and two bridges connecting residents were broken. As many as 3,123 families or 2,425 people were affected, 335 people were displaced, 3 people were slightly injured, 1 was missing, and 1 died.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia’s emergency response team, supported by KOICA, assisted disaster survivors in logistics distribution (food items and hygiene kit), toilet renovation, and basic psychosocial support. This project was implemented from November 2022 to December 2022. Of the 14 affected villages, the GNI emergency response area covered 5 villages in 2 sub-districts: Pamijahan District (consisting of Gunung Picung Village, Purwabakti Village, and Cibunian Village) and Leuwiliang District (consisting of Village Purasari and Puraseda Village).

GNI distributed food items and hygiene kits to 359 families. We distribute the logistics with the support of Taruna Siaga Bencana (TAGANA - Eng. disaster preparedness cadets) by visiting each relocation location and residents' residences.

Meanwhile, Basic Psychosocial Services (BPS) are provided in collaboration with 3 affected schools. The activities were divided into 10 sessions with 1,420 children participating; amongst them were 772 girls and 648 boys. The children participated enthusiastically in this LDP activity. The school has also responded well by planning to incorporate the mitigation curriculum into the learning syllabus.

GNI also renovated 2 units of public toilets, which have gone through several stages from planning, land clearing (mitigation of vulnerability to landslides), construction, and checking of water sources as well as increasing awareness of health and sanitation. The community plays an essential role in accelerating the achievement of activities. By carrying out the Gotong Royong spirit as local wisdom, the community works together and helps each other achieve specific goals. The community also plays an active role in bringing stone and sand raw materials from the river and donating land for public sanitation locations to ensure the sustainability of these facilities.

“The flood and landslide damaged my house. Currently, I live in a rented house while waiting to be able to repair the house. Thank God the food assistance, daily necessities, and washing equipment were very useful and lightened my family's economic burden. Thank you! ” said Mrs. Siti, one of the beneficiaries of the GNI and KOICA emergency response project.

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