Novo Nordisk Indonesia Delivers Its Promises of Zero Environmental Impact, Partnering with Rebricks Indonesia Turning Nonvaluable Plastic Waste to Eco-friendly Toilet.

The “Plastic Funtastic: Turning Your Plastic Waste into Something Fantastic” campaign is part of Novo Nordisk's Take Action activities and is a voluntary program involving Novo Nordisk global employees to encourage changes in the health, social and environmental fields where Novo Nordisk employees proactively reduce plastic waste.

In 2022, Novo Nordisk Indonesia succeeded in collecting 168 Kg of nonvaluable plastic waste, which later turned into bricks, paving blocks, and roster blocks in partnership with Rebricks Indonesia recycling center.

“Novo Nordisk has a Circular for Zero strategy that encourages minimizing the negative impact of the environment. We have been working with Rebricks Indonesia to manage plastic waste into more useful products. This program was able to prevent 168 nonvaluable or rejected plastic wastes from ending up in the ocean. And why we choose to construct public toilets in the community because sanitation and toilets are important and are the starting point for Novo Nordisk's program objectives. We are a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, which encourages clean and healthy living behaviors", said Banarsono Trimandojo, Director of Market Access and Public Affairs, during the facility handover ceremony event Tuesday, 13th December 2022.

Bricks, block pavings, and roster blocks from recycled plastic waste collected by the Novo Nordisk employees were produced in Rebricks warehouse and used to build public toilet facilities at the community hall RW 09, Kampung Tanah Merah, Rawa Badak Selatan, Koja, North Jakarta.

This facility consists of 2 toilets and 1 washing hand station, now benefitted 3798 people who accessed the community hall for activities such as Posyandu (maternal and child health service center), Posyandu Lansia (senior citizen health service center), Early Child Education center, and other governmental services.

Ovy Sabrina, Co-Founder of Rebricks Indonesia, during her speech at the same event, stated that this collaboration between Rebricks and Novo Nordisk started last year. She emphasized the changes where previously this area was a swamp full of plastic trash, now turn a pretty and clean toilet.

Not only that, Novo Nordisk employees were actively involved in giving back and contributing to communities. They set one-day volunteering activity to help the community during the construction, where they one by one engage in any task such as assembling wires, mixing concrete, and bricklaying.

"The collaboration of Novo Nordisk, Rebricks, and Gugah Nurani Indonesia has encouraged the community to develop other programs. From what was originally only the construction of toilets and then developed into education for a clean and healthy life, Gugah Nurani Indonesia is obliged to strengthen community capacity to have an even bigger social impact", said Izaak Danang as project manager of Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia.

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