Kyobo Library Building Inauguration in Baubau

Gugah Nurani Indonesia partnered with the Municipal Government of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi, to inaugurate a library building whose funding was supported by Kyobo Life Insurance, an insurance company from South Korea. The library allows children and community members to develop knowledge and skills. Gugah Nurani Indonesia and the Baubau City Government have placed a literacy facility named the Kyobo Library in Lowu-Lowu Village, Lea-Lea District.

[From left to right: Mayor of Baubau, Kyobo Life Director, Country Director of Gugah Nurani Indonesia, CSR director of Good Neighbors Korea]

The moment of this inauguration also coincided with the 64th anniversary of the founding of Kyobo. This company has established its foothold in supporting the education of children around the world. Several previous projects have been implemented in Myanmar and Vietnam, and this year, Indonesia, especially Baubau City, is the target of Kyobo's support. “This project aims to promote education, especially for children in Indonesia. This is the first Kyobo library established in Indonesia. I hope children can read books comfortably so the right to education can be fulfilled.”

As the government's representative, the Mayor of Baubau, La Ode Ahmad Monianse, welcomed this project by facilitating land for the library's construction. He further expressed his hope, "This place will be very useful for literacy children and broaden their horizons. In addition, this library is also useful as a center of knowledge and a place for discussion for parents with young children to jointly find ways for them to grow optimally and educate their children. Thank you, and we will take care of it." A unique thing is deliberately designed in the library building, represented by a blend of Hanok, a traditional Korean house, and the typical Baubau building shape. "Today is momentum for cooperation between the City of Baubau and Korea through Kyobo," said the Mayor of Baubau.

The library building is planned to function in December 2022. However, in 2022, Gugah Nurani Indonesia also held some training for educators, with themes such as creative learning and reading methods. Meanwhile, for parents and adults, training has been held in parenting, cultural workshops, entrepreneurship, and education. As for the children, some activities had also been carried out, such as storytelling, read-aloud, an introduction to the history of the sultanate and heroes of Buton, and an introduction to the various cultures of Buton. The Country Director of the Gugah Nurani Indonesia, Setyo Warsono, added, "Physical development activities will not work without community empowerment. Therefore, Gugah Nurani Indonesia is also trying to increase community literacy through empowerment activities for teachers, parents, and children
by constructing this Kyobo Library.”

[Country Director of Gugah Nurani Indonesia with the participant of storytelling activity]

"There has never been literacy intervention through storytelling and read-aloud before," said Ni Putu Yuliantara, the first winner of the storytelling competition who, at the time of the event, had the opportunity to go on stage and appear in front of the mayor, donors, and other guests. "We hope that the activities and training that have been carried out will not stop here, but there will be more."

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