Novo Nordisk Educated Rawa Badak Selatan Community on World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day is commemorated annually on 14th November. For this event, on 9th November, Novo Nordisk provided dissemination to raise awareness about diabetes mellitus in Gugah Nurani Indonesia's community in Rawa Badak Selatan, Koja District, North Jakarta. This activity was held at the RW 09 hall and was attended by 100 productive-age residents.

Currently, diabetes is not only experienced by the elderly. However, young people and children are also vulnerable to diabetes due to unhealthy lifestyles and eating patterns. It is crucial to build citizen awareness and emphasize the importance of changing healthy lifestyle behaviors.

The collaboration with Novo Nordisk involved several of their employees as volunteers. Novo Nordisk produces diabetes medicine and has been involved in advocacy for diabetes mellitus for a long time. Through this activity, the residents who attended were given basic knowledge related to diabetes. In addition, a free blood sugar check was carried out as an initial diabetes screening.

The residents who attended felt the benefits of this activity by increasing their knowledge about diabetes mellitus. They also know the condition of blood sugar levels as an early warning. For Novo Nordisk, employees utilize this activity to serve the community.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia annually conducts basic health checks for our sponsored children in the community. In addition, we also promote clean and healthy living behavior for children and adults so that they are protected from preventable diseases.

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