Gugah Nurani Indonesia Supports Business Group of “Etika Sarabba Instan”

"Etika Sarabba Instan" is a product of the Joint Business Group (KUB) Kiosk Gunung Nona Leon from Rosoan Village, Enrekang District, Enrekang Regency. The business group is the economic empowerment program initiated by Gugah Nurani Indonesia - Enrekang CDP, which was established in November 2021.

Gugah Nurani Indonesia (GNI) encourages residents, especially mothers, to carry out business activities by utilizing local potential and resources in their area. The residents, mostly farmers, also benefit from the GNI economic program because since this business group was created, the independence to fulfill household needs can be felt.


"First, I felt motivated with GNI and did not know the business. But because GNI assists us, we feel encouraged to try out making this product." - Jusmiyati

In addition to intense assistance, one of which is motivated by group members, GNI also provides multiple trainings related to business management and product development.

"We didn't pay a penny. The support from GNI plays a significant role in this business group.” - Jusmiyati

Sarabba is a local traditional drink made from red ginger and brown sugar. In Dusun Leon, red ginger is easy to get; for that reason, this business group made Sarabba. Making Sarabba starts with peeling ginger, grating, blending, then mixing it with brown sugar.

Currently, people are queuing up with Sarabba products because people are familiar with this Sarabba product as far as Malaysia.

In the Etika Sarabba Business Group, there are five members: Mrs. Nurhayati, Mrs. Hasnawati, Mrs. Laryana, Mrs. Suryani, and Mrs. Jusmiyati. Mrs. Jusmiyati, secretary of the business group, said, “We always receive input and criticism from many people. So that this product can continue to develop even better in terms of taste that many people can enjoy.”

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