Sponsored Children's Readiness upon Graduating High School

In July 2022, Gugah Nurani Indonesia (GNI) with the Forum Anak Desa (Eng. Village Children’s Forum), volunteers, and Sponsored Children who are beyond 17 years old will be finishing the sponsorship program, holding a capacity building at Pancawati, Bogor City. This activity is done for two days and one night with 30 participants.

This activity aims for children to know their plans after finishing high school. Many children today are less concerned about their goals and tend to go along with friends or follow their parents' directions.

The activity began by walking down the memory lane of the GNI program to see what had been done with the community in Sukabumi CDP. Afterward, the Sponsored Children shared experiences while being part of the sponsorship program. Some participants told how the program sponsorship had helped them go to school through scholarships and fulfillment of education needs, such as stationery, school bags, shoes, and so on. The sponsorship program not only directly benefits the children but also their parents. The economic empowerment program facilitated business capital through savings and loan activities.

In the next session, Members of the Village Children's Forum presented what a Village Children's Forum is, the five clusters of Village Children's Forums, and the benefits of joining a Village Children's Forum. This session aims to let other children who have not joined the village children's forum know that in their village, there is a particular forum that focuses on fulfilling children's rights and invites them to be a part of the forum. Also, to share what the benefits have been since joining the village children's forum.

Then we facilitated all the participants to design their future after high school. For a better understanding, children are directed to make specific goals, what they like, and see their abilities to achieve them. They want to go to college, but the family economy becomes a barrier, and they choose to work instead, helping their younger siblings go to school. To this extent, thirteen children decided to work in a factory. Ten children will continue to college, two will go into the business of buying and selling agricultural products, and one wants to be a volleyball athlete.

By the end of this activity, children who used to be confused about where to go may get a better plan and know-how to achieve their dreams upon graduating high school. This activity is the least we could do to prepare our sponsored children before adulthood.

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