Initiate The Activator Teacher Program; 24 Teachers are Ready to Move.

It was raining in Balikpapan that morning. However, this did not hinder the enthusiasm of the self-driven teachers to participate in the initial meeting held by the Balikpapan project of Gugah Nurani Indonesia (hereinafter, GNI). A total of 21 teachers seemed enthusiastic to be present at the Gugah Conscience Indonesia Training for Germinating Motivator Teachers, held on Thursday, 4 August 2022.

Mrs. Triyuni Astuti, Head of the Primary School Development Division of the Education and Culture Office of Balikpapan City, welcomed the friendly and fun activity, starting at 09:00 Indonesia Central Time. In her speech, Mrs. Triyuni expressed gratitude to GNI for holding this activity. "We want partners who can synergize and support each other in improving education in Balikpapan, and GNI is pleased a perfect partner," she said.

As the first speaker, Mrs. Triyuni delivered Introductory Information on the Merdeka Mengajar (Eng. Freedom in Teaching) platform. She explained the policy of the Education Office to provide convenience and access to driving teachers to hold webinars, facilitate transportation in participating in training and help with funding. She also explained four teacher competencies: personality, social, professional, and pedagogic.

The second speaker was Mrs. Emmy Mulyani, the Head of Teacher and Education Personnel Division of the Education and Culture Office of Balikpapan City, with the material on Increasing Teacher Competence through Inspiring Teacher Motivating Programs.

On the sidelines of the activity, the Project Manager of GNI Balikpapan, Mrs. Meity Ria, also introduced the platform to driving teachers that can be used to complement the existing learning platform. The platform is expected to be a teaching-learning medium for teachers, students, parents, and people who care about education. “This learning platform will be handed over to the Balikpapan City Government. Before being applied to the assisted schools, there will be an introduction to for the activator teachers,” said Meity.

The 24 selected self-driven teachers will assist 153 teachers from 15 schools supported by GNI. Teacher capacity-building training with GNI will take place from August to November 2022.

Mrs. Wiwik Setiawati, Head of the Motivating Teacher Center for East Kalimantan Province, was pleased to be present as the final resource person at the event. Coming directly from Samarinda, she delivered material about the Independent Curriculum, including the lesson hours regulated by the center per year, not per week. The curriculum structure is divided into two main activities; routine classroom activities (intracurricular) and project activities. The Pancasila Student profile strengthening project is flexible and is more student-centered.

On this occasion, Mrs. Wiwik also expressed her gratitude and appreciation for GNI as a local partner who has been willing to support the government and provide reinforcement to teachers regarding the Implementation of the Independent Curriculum and Learning Communities, which have just been promoted by the government this year.

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