Gugah Nurani Indonesia and Hyundai Motor Raise Literacy Awareness in Bojongmangu District

Gugah Nurani Indonesia, in collaboration with Hyundai Motor, has completed a CSR project in Bojongmangu District, Bekasi Regency, West Java. This two-year CSR project started in January 2020 to increase children's literacy capacity and raise the children, parents, and other stakeholders' awareness of the importance of children's rights, especially in education.

A total of 20 elementary schools in six villages, namely Sukabungah, Sukamukti, Bojongmangu, Medalkrisna, Karangindah, and Karangmulya, are the targets of this joint project. A total of 31,362 children and adults were the beneficiary of the project directly or indirectly.

After two years running, the evaluation result shows that there has been a significant change in the awareness and literacy capacity of children, parents, and teachers. The changes resulted from various activities that we implemented in the community. The first was the procurement and operation of three LAMPU units, a mobile library representative of Literasi Anak Melalui Perpustakaan Umum (Children's Literacy through Public Libraries). A Hyundai Motor car that is designed for the convenience of children's activities while reading books. The operation of the LAMPU mobile library is essential in opening access to reading for children in the six villages. In addition, another impact of having access to reading has proven to reduce the duration of children's dependence on daily gadgets.

The second focus of the project was on various capacity building for primary school teachers as the driving force for children's literacy education. Among them are training in Creative Learning Methods, Journalism, and English. As for children, this project also facilitates journalism activities and Fun English classes.

The achievement of training participants was then shown to the public at the Bekasi Regency Universal Children's Day celebration event held by Gugah Nurani Indonesia in Cikarang in January 2022. Several children gave speeches in English fluently and confidently. Also featured are children who tell stories of their writing. And what is special about this celebration is the launch of the book Kipi dan Elang Bertali (Kipi and The Golden Eagle), a compilation of short stories by 13 students and teachers in the Bojongmangu District.

In addition, this project also intervened with parents and caregivers through various parenting classes attended by 1,840 people. As an institution promoting Child Protection, Gugah Conscience Indonesia also advocates for this issue through Child Empowerment Service activities and a Clean and Healthy Living Habits workshop, which 5,639 people attended.

Six Child-Friendly Learning Space units were built in the six villages as a form of project sustainability for the Bojongmangu District community. This facility is expected to be a place for citizens to educate both children and adults. Furthermore, three LAMPU units were handed over to the Bekasi Regency Library and Archives Service to open more access for children.

The good changes given to Bojongmangu Sub-district are expected to contribute to the readiness of children to respond to the challenges of transitioning their living area from an agricultural to an industrial. With the end of the project, what has been contributed by Gugah Nurani Indonesia and Hyundai Motor excel children in education to develop the Bojongmangu District area in the future.

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