Honorary teachers have been a hot issue in the media lately after the Government made the decision to stop providing and to remove honorary personnel in 2023, November 28, 2023, to be exact.

The abolition of honorary personnel as stated in the Letter of the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Number B/185/M.SM.02. 03/2022 dated May 31, 2022. The regulation mentions the elimination of workers other than PNS and PPPK in government agencies.

There are three issues of honorary teachers in Indonesia, namely, status, welfare, and quality of teachers.

In many areas, honorary teachers do not have an educational decree. However, they can teach at school. If the teacher’s status is unclear, it can affect their welfare. The quality of honorary teachers is questionable. The recruitment system is also unclear. For example, English teachers cannot speak English.


Case of Honorary Teacher Welfare in Jakarta, Bogor, and Sukabumi

In 2022 these three regions has a regional minimum wage of around IDR 4 million per month. But in reality, honorary personnel in government institutions receive salary far from the minimum required to live in an average condition.
Mrs. Siti Aminah
Principal of Early Child Education (PAUD) As Syifa, Cakung
Timur, Jakarta. This school gets its operational fund from
several sources such as:

-Student fees are ranges from IDR 50k -70k.
They have around 25-30 students each year.
-Regular funds from Government for schools to whom 
is legally listed, around IDR 550k/semester
-GNI operational support: IDR 620k/month/teachers
This support is intended until this year(2022)

This number is still far from enough to support four
honorary teachers and the school’s daily operational cost.
Teachers usually open a private tutoring service in their
house for elementary students around
their neighborhood in their free time.
Mr. Adis 
Teacher in SDN 05 Cileuksa, Bogor.
He gets a monthly fee of around IDR 500k from BOS. 
He got an additional task as an extra-curricular facilitator
and gets around IDR 200k per month.
So in total, he gets 
IDR  900k take-home pay per month.

Mr. Iqbal
Teacher in SD 01 Cileuksa, Bogor.
He gets a monthly fee of around IDR 400k from BOS.
He got an additional task as DAPODIK admin who is in
charge of data input for the online system around IDR 500k/
So in total, he gets IDR  900k take-home pay per month.

Mrs. Maya 

Teacher in SDN Cikurutug, Sukabumi.
He gets a monthly fee of around IDR 1 Million from BOS. 
This is the only source earnings she gets every month.

As part of the Company Social Responsibility of Korean Companies in Indonesia, this campaign aims to contribute on improvements in teacher welfare by providing support to their operational cost to ease their burden.



Cakung, Menteng, dan Rawa Badak Selatan, Jakarta

Desa Cileuksa, Kabupaten Bogor
Desa Cikurutug, Kabupaten Sukabumi

Support operational cost for 41 honorary teachers
in Jakarta, Bogor, and

This support is provided for 3/6 months.


This campaign will bring
a direct benefit to 41 teachers
and indirectly benefit 1321 students.

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