Community Partnership

Community Development Committee (CDC)
Community Development Committee (CDC) is representative from community in project areas and as organization partner to implement the project or program. In 2016, CDC have done 101 meeting with involving 271 people as members.

GNI helped communities discover their strengths and grow their capacity to become self-reliant. We supported the formation of volunteer community organizations to identify local development problems and create lasting solutions. GNI continued to train local leaders and educate communities about health, education, sanitation, and income creation and how to engage their initiatives. We also established local advisory groups to help shape GNIís local programming.

Changes in Community, together with the Community Development Committee
Deliserdang Community Development Project in Gugah Nurani Indonesia has a Community Development Committee (CDC) of local residents, which plans and mobilizes support for development activities in their region. The climate in this area is favorable for farming activities, thus GN Indonesia started projects in the area that include planting crops such as maize, beans, papaya, and potatoes. The harvest is then sold to the nearest market, under the leadership of the CDC steering committee. After the products are sold, the committee then sits and agrees on the way forward, either to expand the particular project or to start another one according to the needs of the people.

Every village has a representative in the committee, hence giving them an opportunity to have a say in setting the priorities of the people in the region. Nonetheless, these projects have also had their share of challenges. In the end, though, local people are in the best position to change out-dated systems and practices that often obstruct development. They also understand how to implement lasting change that is consistent with their culture and traditions.

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