Children Rights Education
Gugah Nurani Indonesia considers child rights education to be recognized as a first step towards human rights education. Children are subject to their own rights, with rights and responsibilities appropriate to their age and stage of development. And also the child has become the leggaly binding right holder. Children are the first group of rights holders and the first students of human rights education. Children should be given knowledge about the child's own rights, and its follow by 1.130 children.

Birth Certificate Program
This activity took place in Lombok Mertak CDP for 6 days at three different points in Mertak village which is one of our supported village. In addition to the issuance of birth certificates this program facilitates the electronic recording of ID cards for adults. This activity is held through an official cooperation between Gugah Nurani Indonesia with the Department of Population and Civil Registry of Central Lombok Regency. The beneficieries of this program are; 1.050 children.

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