Emergency Relief

We actively participate in disaster risk reduction program, including delivering immediate assistance, providing shelter for survival, medical treatment and psychosocial support.

What We have done :

  1. Distributed food supplies dan basic needs for survivor of flood in five area around Pasie Nan Tigo villages in Padang, West Sumatera. 
  2. Distributed basic need supplies for survivor of Merapi eruption in Central Java. 
  3. Distributed medical supplies for survivor of flood in Muara Gembong, Bekasi. 
  4. Provided building material for Dam construction in Muara Gembong, Bekasi. 
  5. Distributed basic need supplies for survivor of flood in five villages (Alue batee, Cot Amun, Rangkileh, Alue Leuhob dan  Napaiin village) in  Aceh barat. 

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