Open the window of the world for Lombok

6.4 SR Shock has struck off Lombok on 5 August 2018 followed by 1.089 aftershocks with the highest of those with a recorded magnitude of 7.0 SR. The earthquake affected the three districts of North Lombok, East Lombok and West Lombok. 555 people are known died. More than 70.000 buildings have been damaged includes hospitals, public facilities and  716 schools. 

During the emergency period, Gugah Nurani Indonesia (GNI) has been doing emergency relief activities in Lombok by providing shelter tents, clean water, sanitation, hygiene kits, food supplies, logistics and doctor volunteers. Even though hundreds schoolfacilities have been damaged, children in Lombok are still eager to go to emergency schools in shelter tents. 

Currently, Lombok is not in emergency situation anymore, but the impact of the earthquake are still there. One the impact is education condition. Process to build  schools, provide school supplies, books and education facilities will take time. 

Realizing this situation, as a continuing of the emergency relief activities in Lombok, GNI are doing Buka Jendela Dunia (Open The Window of the World) Campaign to support recovery of education in Lombok. This is a part of GNI campaign that aims to support books and education material for children in Eastern Indonesia through Child Right Centre of GNI.

By providing enough books and education plays for children through schools and learning shelter in Lombok, we are hoping that it can help recovery of education in Lombok. Children can divert their attention more to education and play instead of looking at their damaged neighborhood, schools or lost of families and friends.

Let us make Lombok smile again. 


BMKG, 10 August 2018

Tim Swadaya Assessment Gempa Lombok, 8 August 2018

Humaspro KLU, 8 August 2018

BPBD Provinsi NTB, 7 August 2018 

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