Open the Window of the World for Lombok

Series of major earthquakes hit Lombok during the second half of 2018. The first one was on 29 July 2018 with a magnitude of M 6.4 then followed by another hit of M 7.0 on 5 August 2018. There were at least 1,089 aftershocks until 24 August 2018 with the variance of magnitude. This disaster affected the lives of Lombok people. There were 481 death toll, more than 430,000 people internally displaced, and more than 70,000 buildings including public facility were in damaged, where 671 of them are schools.*)

Gugah Nurani Indonesia involved in an effort of emergency relief through doctors mobilization, installment of refugee tents, medicines, installment of clean water facility and public toilets, hygiene kits, shoes for children, biomass stoves, and cooking utensils. Our focus of intervention was at Pemenang sub-district. 

Lombok is currently in a state of recovery. Indonesia government has set up temporary public facility. The damaged cost of schools and educational material that buried under the ruin never became a barrier for the children to postpone their learning activity. Temporary schools have been built to support children having their daily routine of study. 

Gugah Nurani Indonesia as an organization who actively promoting Child Rights in Indonesia; education sector is one our focus. We commit to keep on supporting the intervention area, especially the children so they can continue to study and go to school. For this effort, we are partnering with a Lombok-based organization, Pelita Foundation, who funded temporary school establishment in some areas at Pemenang sub-district.


We understood that what we have done is still far from enough. The process of rehabilitating the schools and educational material support, especially books could not be done instantly. We are limited in time and power to restore the education condition of Lombok on our own.


Reflecting on this situation, Gugah Nurani Indonesia becomes part of the channel for Lombok children to open window of the world. We promote distribution of books to the affected area. This effort is done through a campaign of Buka Jendela Dunia, Buat Lombok Tersenyum Kembali (eng: Open the Window of the World, Let Us Make Lombok Smiles Again).


Gugah Nurani Indonesia hopes that through this effort we can create a happiness and spirit of the children to study, so that they can color their future brighter. 

Let us make Lombok smiles again!

*) Source: Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana

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