Child Empowering Service

     Prevention of sexual abuse becomes one of the crucial problems of child rights violation in Indonesia now. That is the background of Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia (GNI) designed the Child Empowering Service (CES Class) on three years ago (2014) as one of main advocacy programs in education sector located in 17 Community Development Projects (CDPs).

     CES Class started on September 2015 by Teacher Training which had the purpose to prepare qualified CES teachers who mastered the materials of child sexual abuse prevention. CES teachers were coming from various backgrounds, such as school teacher, community leader, local volunteer, college student and so on. Furthermore CES program has been development into three different modules to adjust and focus to its participants, such as CES for Early Childhood (CfE) is class for children under 9th years, CES for Teenager (CfT) 11-18 years, and CES for Parent (CfP).

     For children 4-8 years old which are vulnerable to be victim of sexual abuse, CES class designed to empower from sexual abuse by improving their knowledge and skill about part of bodies that are allowed to be touched by others and which are not permitted.  In teenager class, the output were educated them about sexual reproductive health and rights by take care of reproductive organs, HIV prevention and the danger of child married.  For parent class are expected that parent being good friend for their children by shared the video that showed how the parents helped out a child who addicted with porn.

The “INSPIRE” intervention covers strategies are:
  1. Norms and values which approach Changing adherence to restrictive and harmful gender and social norms, Community mobilization programs, Bystander interventions.
  2. Safe environments Reducing violence by addressing “hotspots” by Interrupting the spread of violence, Improving the built environment.
  3. Parent and caregiver support by delivered through home visits , delivered in groups in community settings, delivered through comprehensive programs.
  4. Education and life skills by Increase enrollment in pre-school, primary and secondary schools Establish a safe and enabling school environment, Improve children’s knowledge about sexual abuse and how to protect themselves against it, Life and social skills training, Adolescent intimate partner violence & prevention programs.

     Changes after the operation implementation are the knowledge and skill of 3.811 children who participated CES Program has increased significantly because they could practice how to act when sexual abuse occurred. In another hand, the school teachers which their children participated CES class were very happy because their children could learn the skill to protect themselves properly from sexual abuse. Based on that condition, it will make multiple effects because of the role of school teachers in teaching CES materials to other classes in the school. When more children learned CES class, it means also more parents know the prevention of child sexual abuse, and perhaps it will be huge awareness to prevent and to fight child sexual abuse which becomes one of the urgent child problems in Indonesia.

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